Baby Bollywood boogie


Our Bollywood Baby classes are designed to encourage your baby to explore their surroundings and develop physical abilities in a fun and safe environment. We believe that Bollywood consists of bright colours, rhythmic music and coming together for a celebration. This is why we believe Bollywood goes hand in hand with baby classes and each week we stimulate their senses with our huge range of props including scarfs, exciting instruments, puppets, ribbon sticks, light up maracas, and many more. We also have play time before class with lots of fun toys, this is a great time to socialise with other fellow Mummies.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming when there's a huge class, therefore, our classes are kept small with an average class size of 7 babies. 

toddler dance & drama


This class is parent aided and we encourage parents to join in with the fun. It's never too early for children to get creative. Children love to have fun and Manjeeven has designed this class for all toddlers to get creative and explore rhythm. This class is a great way for our tiny tots to explore music and movement. Here at Action Academy, we have an exciting gold star programme and each week the toddlers learn a new step, working towards gaining a gold trophy at the end of the term, which they can take home. The children gain a great sense of achievement and learn the basic steps for many dance styles!

DRAMA & performance

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Our aim is to inspire and develop confidence, creativity and imagination. We know how much children like to explore and have fun. Here at Action Academy we feel that's exactly what we provide whilst teaching drama skills that can help build your child into an aspiring actor! Our creative workshops can also help develop social skills and build confidence. During our workshops we will explore different elements such as speech and performance, prose reading and poetry. We will also be working with the LAMDA syllabus and the children will take part in their examinations. Exams include: Verse and Prose, acting, mime, poetry and many more.  

musical theatre

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In this class we combine the elements of music with performance and dance. We will work on group and solo performances and enter in local competitions such as, The Derby Arts Festival. There will be many opportunities to show these performances to parents. Theses Musical Theatre performances will also be used for LAMDA examinations. In this class, we believe your child will receive the training that will let there inner performers blossom on stage. If your child has a passion for drama, singing and dancing then this class is for them.

screen play

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This class focuses on naturalistic styles of acting in a fun and confidence building environment. These classes are geared towards enabling child actors to master acting for TV and Film whilst also learning about the industry. We will work on techniques such as improvisation and skills children will need for auditions. Students do not need any prior acting experience, as we want to enhance their raw, natural, and creative talent, as well as teach them knowledge and discipline. These classes cover working with scripts, auditions, blocking and shooting the scene in preparation for being on set.  


private lessons

Your child will receive specialised training from Manjeeven Grewal who has numerous years experience in the industry. Manjeeven is very passionate about sharing her knowledge with the children and pushing each child to their full potential.

Benefits of LAMDA examinations:

  • Improve standards in communication through speech.

  • Foster an appreciation of literature, poems and drama.

  • Acknowledge levels of achievement

  • Gain technical knowledge and improve and refine dramatic skills.

  • They are included in the UCAS tariff, counting as points  towards university entrance from Grade 6 onward.


“Creativity is contagious, pass it on” – Albert Einstein